Leading Change

Today, I wanted to share a message about change management.  Although there are people and firms that specialize in, and make careers out of change management, I think it is one of the most critical areas that we all need to understand and embrace as Learning, Human Resource, and Business Leaders.   Our function is to continually innovate, analyze, design, tweak, calibrate, manage, and come up with new ideas and processes to enable our employees / clients to perform better.  To that end, we need tried and true methodologies to help enable that change, make it stick, and make it successful . We are all leaders of change no matter where you sit in the organization.  Every effort is different, so the exact approach and energy behind the change will vary, but the basic strategy is always the same. 

While there are many experts in the field of change management, Dr. John Kotter is considered to be the authority on leadership and change.  He has developed the 8 step process for leading change.  I would encourage anyone involved in leading and achieving successful organizational change become familiar with, and practice the steps in your own change efforts no matter how big or small to increase your chances of success.  Many projects fail not because of technical details or project management errors, but because of failure to manage change.

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